Secondary Smelting: Product Supplier for Aluminum Production

As a supporting product supplier for aluminum production in secondary smelting operations, Avkem International’s products focus on providing manufacturers with solutions designed to meet growing market demands. We have the capability to supply critical support products needed for secondary smelter applications.

We understand that secondary smelters drive product value. Aluminum industry operations can introduce recycled metal into the product stream using one-tenth of the energy required for primary manufacturing. Secondary manufacturing operates most effectively when melt-loss and energy are substantially minimized.

Secondary Smelting or Secondary Production, is the process of recycling aluminum scrap or parts into aluminum that can be used again in an eco-sound process that is significantly more energy efficient than primary production. The adoption of secondary manufacturing has had huge economic and environmental benefits for both the aluminum industry and consumers.

Our experienced team is knowledgeable and can help deliver custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Avkem is highly responsive, with on-time delivery on orders of all sizes. For more information, contact us HERE.

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