Primary Smelting: Refractories Supplier for Primary Aluminum Production

As a refractories supplier for primary aluminum production, our products enhance original primary smelting methods by producing efficient, higher quality results. Primary Smelting is the process in which alumina is smelted into pure aluminum metal and the process through which new aluminum is made. As the origin of the aluminum supply stream, primary smelting has multiple phases of processing that require high-quality temperature and molten control.

Producing smelting solutions for primary and secondary production in the aluminum foundry industries is becoming one of the fastest growing segments at Avkem. We have the ability to deliver quality, cost-efficient refractory parts to customers quickly and efficiently. Along with fast, reliable production capabilities, Avkem provides unparalleled customer service. We believe in the old-fashioned way of doing business where extraordinary customer service, attention to quality, and hard work are paramount.

With roots dating back 25 years, Avkem International focuses on providing innovative solutions for its customers. Our experienced team is knowledgeable and can help deliver custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Avkem is highly responsive, with on-time delivery on orders of all sizes.

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