As one of the leading suppliers of refractory coatings, Avkem produces and carries a wide variety of water and non-water based coatings. Coating types range from Boron Nitride, Graphite, Zircon, and Ceramic-Based. We offer packaging from one gallon pails to 55 gallon drums, with custom packaging upon request. Avkem also provides distribution/mixing solutions to customers to facilitate proper coating mixing, distribution, and utilization.

Avkem offers a variety of Ceramic-Based coatings to prevent metal adhesion to a variety of surfaces during the metal handling process. These coatings are water-based and blended with other components to ensure consistent and easy application.

Avkem’s Boron Nitride based coating remains a staple product used in many plants throughout North America. Our unique formula provides a consistent non-wetting Boron Nitride based coating in both blue and white versions. We also utilize this coating internally on many products.

Avkem also provides Graphite and Zircon based coatings along with die release lubricants, plunger lubricants, and ejector pin lube. We also offer Wollastonite and Bone Ash, and have provided custom coating solutions to our customer base to improve or enhance internal processes.

Refractory Coatings

Refractory coatings provide a protective barrier between molten metal and the mold or substrate, critical for the quality of the cast piece.

Avkem International’s high-quality coatings give you confidence that castings will have optimum quality without erosion, metal penetration, sand or gas defects, and metal/mold reactions.

Our Foundry division in Humboldt, TN has the capability to provide components in large quantities or as just-in-time deliveries as needed.


  • Al-Coat 400B-Boron Nitride
  • Al-Coat 400W-Boron Nitride
  • Al-Mold Coat-Boron Nitride
  • Al-Coat 800-Ceramic
  • Al-Coat-200-Graphite
  • Al-Coat 500-Ceramic
  • Al-Coat 355-Ceramic - titanium dioxide
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