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A Leading Supplier of Non-Ferrous Metal
Consumables & Foundry Chemical Solutions

Avkem International is a supplier of processing chemicals for the foundry industry and product consumables, including refractory insulation and other molten metal tools. We produce a wide variety of castables, board products, and coatings for non-ferrous metals and steel, including larger items such as troughing, launder lines, holding areas, and transfer ladles. In addition, we manufacture smaller parts such as floats, spouts, control pins, baffles, spacers, dam boards, degassers, and many other products. With roots dating back 25 years, our multinational company focuses on providing innovative solutions for our customers. We believe in the old-fashioned way of doing business where extraordinary customer service, attention to quality, and hard work are paramount.

Our customers look to us to help them maximize productivity, lower costs and solve problems.

Our major key markets include:


Avkem supplies chemicals and other consumable products for molten metal management as a part of the casting and foundry industries.


Avkem supplies chemicals for molten metal cleaning and alloying, and other consumable processing and insulating products used in primary and secondary smelting operations.

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